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Simfatic Forms


Create the form, add input validations and get the form submissions by email. All this could
be done just by choosing the required options. No programming required. Create, install
and maintain fully featured email forms using Simfatic Forms. Creating fully featured forms is quick and easy using Simfatic Forms. Simfatic Forms features a wizard like user interface
that takes you through the steps of creating your HTML form. You can create the form, add input elements,
choose from a big set of input validations, select the form processing options and just generate the code
by the press of a button.
You can have the form processing script send the form submissions via email to one or more email addresses.
Simfatic Forms supports auto response so that you can configure to send an email immediately to the
user who submitted the form. You can have the form submission data saved to a CSV file as well. The data
file could later be downloaded.
Integrating the form with your web site is also equally easy. You just have to copy and paste the form
code to your existing web page.
Simfatic forms can install the form on your web server. No worries about installing the
script. The script runs on your own servers so you have full control over the form processor.

You can quickly add form processing support to your existing forms too. Simfatic Forms can parse out a form from a web page.
You can then add validations and form processing support to your form.

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