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The program on mathematics with demonstration possibility to children of process of movement of one or two objects depending on parameters of time, speed and a way TimeMove (Movement in time) — the demonstration, training program on mathematics for pupils of the 4th, 5th classes on a subject «Speed of movement» with possibility of demonstration of process of movement of one or two objects depending on such parameters as time, speed and a way.
In the program the pupil is given opportunity:
— on two of three parameters (time, speed and a way) automatically to receive the third;
— to choose certain objects of movement;
— to track movement of objects in one direction and in the direction to each other depending on speed, time and the set distance;
— to understand dependence of three sizes among themselves;
— to experiment sizes;
The program will be useful to understanding and the solution of a set of various mathematical tasks for speed of movement. At demonstration children visually will understand important dependence of time, speed and the passable way from each other.

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