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Stock Ticker 7

  • Адрес сайта: http://www.stockticker7.com
  • Размер файла: 1830
  • Версия: 0.3.6
  • Совместимость: Windows XP, Windows 9x, Windows Vista
  • Размещено: 16.06.2015 00:00


— Ticker for stock price, total invested, current value, gain/loss. — Alerts when a stock has gone above or below a price. — Portfolio view to track information about investments. — Current stock news. — Intuitive design, making it easy to configure. Keeping up with important stock market information is easier than ever with Stock Ticker 7. The latest version of this robust program is jam-packed with exciting new features that allow you to stay on top of your investments without clicking over to a separate website several times per day. Instead of being a slave to stock market websites, you can receive alerts right on your screen through a crisp, easy-to-read stock ticker.

Do you know the current value of your investments? By downloading and installing Stock Ticker 7, which is a free program, you always will. In addition to keeping you up to date about the value of specific stocks, Stock Ticker 7 tracks your current investments and keeps you informed about their total value. Everything is accessed through a stock ticker that»s right on your screen.

Top Benefits of Stock Ticker 7:

— A simple, easy-to-use design.
— At-a-glance access to the total amount you have invested, the current value of your investments and their percentage of change.
— Alerts that let you know when a stock has gone above or below a specified price.
— A full stock ticker portfolio view that lets you track a wide range of important information about your investments.
— Convenient features like current news, an adjustable stock ticker speed and an adjustable data-refresh interval.

Discover how easy it is to achieve stock market success by downloading Stock Ticker 7 now!

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