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WM Capture

  • Адрес сайта: http://www.wmrecorder.com/wm_capture.php
  • Размер файла: 26120
  • Версия: 7.4
  • Совместимость: Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Размещено: 30.08.2014 00:00


Make super-high quality videos from ANY online source with WM Capture. Works great with DVD»s too. If you can watch it you can save it regardless of format. Because WM Capture does not circumvent DRM or copy protection it»s 100% legal world-wide. Make professional quality videos from ANY online source with WM Capture. WM Capture uses a unique high speed capture technology to create a near perfect reproduction of what you see on screen. WM Capture records video from ANY Web site, regardless of format. It even records DVD»s playing on your PC. If you can watch it you can save it. WM Capture does not circumvent DRM (Digital Rights Management) or any copy protection technology so it»s 100% legal world-wide.

WM Capture offers a revolutionary feature — «background mode». Unlike other screen capture programs, WM Capture can screen capture from hidden or minimized windows. Additionally, because it is capturing from hidden windows, the program uses less processing power than other screen capture programs, so you can use WM Capture on an older PC using «background mode» and still get incredible results. «Background mode» also allows WM Capture to capture in HD.

WM Capture also offers «invisible mode» — you can load the program onto a thumb drive and use it on other PCs without leaving a trace. All recordings are saved onto the thumb drive. It»s a great feature for people who are traveling and want to capture live streams like webinars or training sessions.

While WM Capture offers a lot of wonderful advanced features, it is very easy to use. The program offers «recommended settings» making it a snap set up the program optimally for your particular PC and for the type of recording you would like to do. Save to MPEG, WMV, AVI, DVD-ISO and more.

WM Capture is truly revolutionary. There is no screen-capture program that can do what it can do. Try it today!

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