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Learn Hypnosis… Now!

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Anyone can learn to hypnotize themselves or anyone else with this fun, informative, and easy to read eBook! Written by a real certified clinical hypnotherapist. Now you can be one of the elite group of people that know the secrets of hypnosis! Michael Stevenson, CCHt, a clinical hypnotherapist and hypnosis expert, will take the mystery and the hocus-pocus out of hypnosis and give you the facts, in plain, easy to read English. No PhD is required. No degree or even knowledge of psychology is needed. There is no age limit, no restrictions. Yes, even you can Learn Hypnosis… Now! In the full version of this fun and informative book, you»ll learn EXACTLY what to say to hypnotize people. You»ll also learn:

*What hypnosis is all about — minus the smoke and mirrors, mystery and hocus pocus.
*How to communicate and influence people more efficiently with well formed suggestions.
*How to test your subjects for suggestibility.
*How to hypnotize anybody using many different styles!
*The basics of stage hypnosis and ideas you can use for a stage show.
*How to use self-hypnosis to improve your life in limitless ways.
*The history of modern hypnosis — it»s more interesting than you might think!
*Plus, as a special bonus: You»ll get a host of hypnosis scripts for things like quitting smoking, breast enlargement and losing weight!

Free downloadable hypnosis MP3 included! Details inside the book, so download it now!

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